Cloud-Security: Encryption by Boxcryptor



Many companies have difficulty outsourcing sensitive data and business processes onto cloud solutions. We at Boxcryptor have the mission to remove these concerns. By providing the latest end-to-end encryption your data is stored securely in cloud solutions.

We present to you the most popular Cloud-Encryption-Software from Augsburg, Germany.

With Boxcryptor you can:
  • Encrypt your data before it leaves your computer locally
  • Share data which can only be accessed by people who have the rights to do so
  • Use the cloud solution provider as a safe back-up alternative
And the best: Boxcryptor is best used for working in collaboration with teams and in large companies!

Why should your data in your cloud solution be extra encrypted?

With an ever-increasing market for cloud storage solutions, the number of people also grows who simply put their data online as conveniently as possible. Thereby are universal access, cooperation, and data recovery available at low costs. Yet as it is true for many other things as well, these benefits may be associated with certain risks: Incidents in the past, such as the NSA espionage scandal with Edward Snowden, show how fast data that is stored online can get into the hands of unauthorised personnel, authorities, or direct competitors. The CLOUD-Act granted the American government even more power and authority, which means that accessing cloud storage solutions even without judicial oversight needs to be approved. Other weak points and causes of data leaks may be found company internally or externally; the target points are diverse.
Luckily there are strategies on how to prevent the risk of data violations: Protection through end-to-end encryption, which is applied on your local device before any data is uploaded. Even the intelligence service then will not see more than a randomised - and therefore useless - string of characters. The Secomba GmbH offers with Boxcryptor exactly the protection you need.

Highest standard to protect your privacy

At Boxcryptor we implement the highest standards in our encryption process. We use a hybrid encryption process, which consists of asymmetrical RSA-4096- and symmetrical AES-256-encryption. Every data file receives its own, unique, randomly-chosen encryption key, which is generated for the encryption of each file. RSA-4096: At present, RSA is one of the most common, asymmetrical encryption systems. RSA uses two keys: one public and one private. For decryption the respective counterpart of the key that was used for the encryption is needed. Data which were encrypted with a public key can be decrypted with a private counterpart, however it is impossible to compute the private key from the public key. Boxcryptor uses RSA-encryption to ensure that encrypted data files can be opened by other users which are authorised to encrypt the data files. AES-256: The Advanced Encryption Standard is considered as one of the most secure encryption standards and is considered as trustworthy by intelligence services which use it for their most confidential documents. With Boxcryptor the files will be encrypted via AES, while the AES key for decryption (encrypted with RSA-4069) is attached to the data file. This is why we convert existing file formats into .bc files. Detailed information to our security standards can be found on our website.

Boxcryptor for individuals

Besides our strong encryption, the license Boxcryptor Personal also offers (among others):
  • Encryption of file names: We not only ensure that no one can access your data. We also encrypt the name of your file, so that the content of the file cannot even be guessed by outside parties.
  • Unlimited number of clouds and devices: If you want to use more than one cloud storage solution simultaneously or synchronise your data with multiple devices, you don’t have to worry about accessibility.
  • Whisply: With our integrated filesharing service Whisply you can also share files with people who do not use Boxcryptor yet.

Boxcryptor for business usage

Additional functions can be added when upgrading to Boxcryptor Business (for self-employed individuals and freelancers) as well as Boxcryptor Company or Boxcryptor Enterprise (dependent on your company size). These functions include:
  • Permission for commercial use
  • Group membership and administrative functions
  • Primary support
  • Activity assessment
  • Single sign-on

End-to-end encryption (Zero knowledge encryption)

Boxcryptor is a zero knowledge provider. This means that private and sensitive information through users is only transmitted to us in encrypted form - secured through your password. The password is never at any point shared with us. You can also add additional security by activating the two factor authentication. Furthermore Boxcryptor offers real end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Real E2EE is achieved when a message or file was encrypted from the sender and can only be decrypted by the intended receiver. The file has to be encrypted during the whole transfer process. To ensure that the message or file stays encrypted during the transfer process, the key for decryption can only be possessed by the intended receiver. The key to encrypt the message is publicly known and is assigned to the intended receiver during the process. By using hybrid encryption processes Boxcryptor can make sure that only authorised users can decrypt a particular file after they have been received on the device.

Sustainable and successful data management

We believe in cloud storage solutions as the perfect foundation of a sustainable and successful data management in your company. By using redundant storage and safety strategies of professional providers such as LeitzCloud, data will be more secure and this without any risk of data loss. The collaboration on files is possible without any limits in time or spatial boundaries. Compared to local storage systems, cloud solutions are more scalable and thus cheaper than hosting your own data server. Sustainability and persistence in data management can only be guaranteed if your data is really protected from unauthorised access.
We understand that many companies may be afraid of data theft and espionage, disregarding who or what the source of this attack may be. This is why Boxcryptor encrypts your confidential data both for business purposes and private purposes. We also understand that the flexibility of a cloud needs to be maintained. This is why we offer a range of additional functions, which are tailored to the various needs of the user. Our unique Single-Sign-On-Solution, for example, was developed for large companies as well as other functions such as account acquisition and audit. At the same time you don’t have to give up any of the comfort that comes with the cloud. Since many customers are used to synchronising their data using a folder system on their hard disk, we keep our product simple: Simply insert your encrypted folder into your cloud, which you have added to Boxcryptor, and everything else our software does for you. The existing workflow with regard to saving data files remains unchanged. During the first installation of the software, Boxcryptor provides a virtual drive on your device. Every file, which will be saved on the Boxcryptor drive, remains in your cloud storage, however it can only be read with the Boxcryptor app with the necessary authentication. Cloud storages are a great tool for permanent and effective data management. Our goal at Boxcryptor is to support you with great security and protect your data in the cloud.

LeitzCloud and Boxcryptor: A perfect combination

Many companies are eager to preserve their business secrets, however many of them lack the suitable measures to actually protect their data properly. LeitzCloud is one of 30 cloud providers, which supports Broxcryptor. That means that after you have installed Boxcryptor you can select your storage space of the LeitzCloud with only a few clicks and connect the both of them. Then all of your files, which are moved through the Boxcryptor drive, are encrypted from end-to-end. Especially for this application we also provide training material for companies and support you with the setup.
Enjoy all benefits the cloud has to offer, e.g. a cost-effective storage solution, universal access, and simple collaboration. And trust in the fact that your data will be encrypted securely with Boxcryptor.