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External Collaboration

With LeitzCloud you can not only work together in the cloud within your company - you can also share selected folders and documents with external partners and customers to guarantee a faster exchange and an efficient collaboration.

Free guest users

Create an unlimited number of free guest accounts for customers or partners and exchange documents regularly.

Determine access rights

Decide for each release whether the recipients can edit or delete documents.


Public Shares

Create a public link to share selected files and folders. Anyone who receives the link gets access to these documents.

Secured Shares

Send password-protected documents by email! With the secure release, a guest account is automatically created for the recipient. Now the recipient can login to access the document.

secure sharing with leitzcloud

A free guest account for all customers and external parties

Easily share files via a link or a free guest account and securely share your data outside of your organization. Guest users can only see the data in the web browser and administrators can quickly see their activity.

Secure sharing via guest account

Simply enter the recipient's email address and a free guest account will be created automatically.

Public sharing via URL

No password, but faster: Give guests the opportunity to view and edit files via a public link.


Receive notifications when your guest users upload or download documents. Set an expiration date or limit the number of downloads.

More Functions

Discover more functions of the LeitzCloud.

  1. Expiration date

    Set an expiration date for the shared releases and set download limits.

  2. Control downloads

    Receive notifications of up- and downloads and keep an eye on the number of views

  3. File revisions

    Get access to older versions of files to download or restore them.

  4. Lock documents

    You can lock documents and folders you are working on for a certain period of time. Documents can also be permanently locked and excluded from processing.

Sync Tool

With the Sync Tool you keep your entire company up to date. Work on your documents online, but also locally and offline - your data is saved and synchronized in a very shortest time as soon as there is an internet connection.

Learn more about the Sync Tool!
sync tool

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The cloud is really recommended. We are 5 employees mostly in the home office and we have been looking for a super-functioning and above all price-limited solution for a long time and we have definitely found this with the LeitzCloud.


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