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Corporate Governance

Intelligent and flexible Governance functions for your business. Made in Germany.

Our most important Dashboard functions at a glance:

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Intelligent Governance Management

"Use our effective Governance functions with our cloud solution developed for businesses - and take a digital step forwards. Our interface and organisational settings, including branding and a diverse activity log, offer your company an effective Governance solution. Our aim is to offer a content management solution to your company, which increases your productivity while optimising your processes. Explore our flexible and intelligent Governance functions now and start your trial today!"

LeitzCloud can do more!

Manage your users

The activity log allows you to keep track of all changes in the files. Verify at any time, how and by whom certain files and folders have been changed.

manage your users
revision list

Revisions & file recovery

Revisions (i.e. different versions of files) are stored in LeitzCloud. Restore older versions at any time or restore documents that were accidentally deleted. This ensures that no files are lost.

Notifications & Reports

Define the activities for which you would like to receive notifications by email or text directly on your computer or phone. Configure regular reports with all statistics and developments of your cloud.

notifications and reports

Control your cloud

As an administrator you have everything under control at all times

five gears

Individual policies

As an administrator, you can set your own policies. Activate or deactivate functions for users, manage revisions and deleted data or define storage space for individual users.

organisation structure

Your organisational structure

Do you work with several departments or branches? Create your organizational structure in the cloud, implement different policies and appoint additional administrators.

Device management

Device management

Manage all devices that have access to the cloud. Monitor the sync status, perform remote deletion in the case of theft or loss, and disconnect devices from the cloud.

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Use your branding

Sync Tool

Name and individualise the LeitzCloud Sync Tool according to your wishes and needs and make sure to include a company icon.

Login screen

Integrate your own logo onto the login screen for users and guests of your cloud.


Invite colleagues or external partners with individual emails to collaborate with you.


Your own cloud hardware

You want to take that extra step in terms of security?
We are happy to set up your own cloud hardware in your company. This way you are effectively protected against suspicious account activities, such as viruses or other attacks. With your own cloud hardware you can turn off your cloud infrastructure locally at any time.

Contact us today and we will make you an individual offer.

Complete data croptection

Own hardware in-house

IT infrastructure can be switched off at any time

Fast connection

Individual offers for your company

"Do you have individual requests for your cloud solution? Are you interested in an individual customer portal, in which your branding is even more integrated? Or do you need other specific adjustments to your cloud? We are here to help you make your cloud more efficient and thus noticeably accelerate the processes in your company. "

Designed for your company

Qualified advice by IT-experts

Efficient solution for your company

Tell our IT-experts how you imagine your cloud - and we will take care of the rest!


Test all of LeitzCloud’s functions for 14 days now.