Highly secure data center in Frankfurt (FRA-01)

Hosted in Germany

Our datacenter is located in Frankfurt. One of the best connected cities in Germany.

Strictest secruity measures

Our datacenter is monitored 24/7 with the newest technlogy

100% ecological & sustainable

Our datacenter is 100% green and has a significantly lower power consumption then other data center

The highest security standards

Your data is stored in the sustainable data center in Frankfurt. Some of the secruity measures include biometric access control, perimeter sensing BMS system, CCTB and motion detection.


The DE-CIX Internet hub in Frankfurt is one of the most connected exchange points in terms of data volume.

Identity control

Nobody can enter or leave the data center without being registrated and identitifed.

Secured 24/7

The highly secured LeitzCloud servers are continuously monitored by our technical department. If there is a problem, we'll be the first to know and fix it immediately!

Different internet providers

We use super-fast internet, to ensure that you don’t have to wait for an upload or download. We don't limit the bandwidth for anyone!

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One of the most powerful and demanding data centers in the world: maincubes in Frankfurt. Find out more about our highly secure data center in the video.

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Mulitiple times TÜV certified

Our data center is several times TÜV-certified. These certificates are regularly re-examined.

Tüv Certificate:
data center"

Requirements of structural and technical security are fulfilled as well as the documentation and operational management according to the principles of IT security

Tüv Certificate:"certified management system"

Information and security management system

tuv certification

Why should you store your data in a german data center?

LeitzCloud uses one of the newest encryption methods currently available, 256-bit AES encryption, on our servers and for all communication with the servers. All communication via the web browser, the synchronization tool or the WebDAV protocol for mobile devices is protected with this encryption.

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Internet node DE-CIX

Many data centers are located in Frankfurt. The city is has a high performing infrastructure and is one of the best networked cities in Germany. For those reasons, LeitzCloud chose Frankfurt to store its data. Our customer can fully enjoy these benefits.

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Ecological data center

The data is hosted in a climate-neutral data center, which is operated exclusively with green electricity. Thanks to a sophisticated cooling system, only half the energy of a typical data center is required.

100% renewable energy

60-80% less energy consumption

ÖkoPLUS certified

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ISO certificates and the Frankfurt data center

All your data is stored in ISO-certified data centers that adhere to strict rules for quality and information security management. The security systems are continuously tested to ensure that your files are fully protected.

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

ISAE 3402

maincubes datacenter iso certificates

Learn more about our data center

Find out more about our data center here or contact our experts directly.

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