Ransomware Protection

Protect your company data from
Ransomware and other malware.
We help you protect yourself from
a ransomware attack and infection.

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Work safe and protected in LeitzCloud

Never lose data to ransomware

The ransomware protection is included in LeitzCloud for free.

Easy tracking of all activities in the cloud

Find out when and where files were infected from the LeitzCloud activity log.

Ransomware doesn't spread to other TeamShares

Infected files do not affect files in other TeamShares. This prevents ransomware from spreading further.

Sicherheitskopie, Backup

Leitzcloud filters ransomware out

Our ransomware filter is always up to date. Known ransomware threats are rejected by the cloud.

Restore your files in seconds

With just a few steps, the entire organization can continue working as if nothing had ever happened.

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The most important measures against a ransomware attack

There are several things you can do to prevent a ransomware infection.
These functions are already included in LeitzCloud.

Create a safety copy of your data

It is always good to back up your files. If you use LeitzCloud, you already have a backup of your files online.

Block ransomware file extensions

You can exclude specific file extensions from your LeitzCloud, this way no user can upload files with those extensions.

Separate workspaces

LeitzCloud allows you to create different workspaces, so you can split up users in different areas. This way your company can recover quickly from a ransomware attack.

Restrict access rights

Restricting user rights is helpful to prevent significant file changes, such as a ransomware infection.

Rapid recoveries

It is important to have an option to recover files quickly in case files are deleted or modified.

Monitor the activities of your users

If a user suddenly changes a lot of file names, that could be a sign of a ransomware attack. With LeitzCloud you can monitor such changes and react faster.

Ransomware education for your users

If users can identify suspicious emails and malicious files, they can effectively help reduce the risk of an attack.

Grant only online access

Ransomware can only access files locally in order to modify them. With LeitzCloud you can give your users an online access only and set expiration dates for shares.

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