With the Sync-Tool you can

Sync your files across all of your devices.
Always at hand and up to date.
Online in your cloud. Compatible with Android and iOS.

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Using the LeitzCloud Sync-Tool

Create a flexible and efficient workflow with our sync tool.

LeitzCloud Sync-Tool
Selective synchronization

You select which folders you want to save locally and adjust your choice at any time.

TeamShare Settings

You decide whether your users can store the data locally with the Sync-Tool.

Easy set-up

After installing the Sync-Tool a folder area is automatically created where you can find and edit all of your synchronized files.

Work locally

With the Sync-Tool you can access your data locally.

Work offline

Work locally on your synchronised documents even without an internet connection.

Continuous synchronization

The Sync-Tool automatically and constantly synchronizes all changes.

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