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Your Privacy, Our Priority with leitzcloud

Innovative technology accessible to businesses of all sizes: flexible, secure and user-friendly.

Safety ahead.
Unleashing potential.
Shaping the future.

Our Mission

Since our founding, we have consistently emphasized the importance of your data security and privacy. We adhere to GDPR regulations and employ robust encryption measures. Your feedback and requirements are of significant value to us.

Our Vision

leitzcloud aims to make innovative technology easily accessible for businesses of all sizes, enabling flexible and secure potential utilization.

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Our primary mission is to give teams the freedom to focus on their projects. With Leitzcloud, we help businesses optimize processes and concentrate on their core operations.

Since our inception, we've supported thousands of teams by eliminating cumbersome email attachments and enabling seamless collaboration.

Our flexible cloud solution adapts to your team's requirements, providing a customized experience.

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leitzcloud was founded to provide companies with an innovative and secure cloud solution that enables them to work more efficiently.

  1. Industry-leading Solutions

    As an IT partner of leitzcloud, you have access to our first-class cloud solutions and IT infrastructure. These state-of-the-art technologies enable you to offer cutting-edge services to your customers.

  2. Training and Resources

    You get access to free online demonstrations and resources such as our knowledge base to expand your expertise and best support your client.

  3. Support and Assistance

    We offer comprehensive support! You can count on a dedicated team to support you with technical questions, marketing and sales.

  4. Joint Successes

    As an IT partner, you not only contribute to the growth of leitzcloud, but also benefit from an expanding customer base and increasing sales for your own company.








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What we stand for.

Discover leitzcloud - inside and outside the cloud.


leitzcloud can boast a large number of certifications. These include our GDPR compliance, as well as ISO certifications.


We guarantee continuous availability of your data. Our highly available and geo-redundant servers ensure maximum accessibility.

Client Focus

We are here for you! Our support is available at no extra cost by email, live chat or phone to help you with your concerns.


Our data centres are powered exclusively by green electricity and our cloud helps the environment by minimising paper waste.

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"The cloud is absolutely helpful for me as a freelancer and works very well. I use several computers and have never had any data loss. The support is absolutely straightforward. Thank you again."

"The telephone support is very, very good. The person on the phone is absolutely competent and helpful with problems, you are not left alone. The leitzcloud in general is very easy and intuitive to use."

"We are 5 employees working mainly in a home office and have been looking for a well-functioning and, above all, affordable solution for a very long time and have definitely found it with the leitzcloud."

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