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GDPR Compliance & TÜV-certified with leitzcloud.

Looking for secure online data storage?
Safeguard private documents and sensitive company data hassle-free. Embrace a secure, German cloud compliant with GDPR regulations.
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Always Securely Protected

Data management according to European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.We ensure your data is protected in compliance with GDPR regulations, ensuring reliable and secure storage.

I was particularly convinced by the server location in Germany and the GDPR compliance. Upload and download speeds are very good! Easy handling via browser, mobile app and desktop folder (Mac, IOS). Customer service very friendly and competent.

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TÜV-certified Cloud Storage

"Our certification according to ISO 27001:2017 and 2020 underscores our commitment to outstanding security standards, ensuring you the highest level of trust and reliability."


The leitzcloud servers are located in Germany and are looked after and maintained by our employees. The most modern security measures protect the data centres from unauthorised access and damage.

German Laws

In accordance with German laws and regulations, leitzcloud can not be forced to disclose your information or make it available to third parties.

deutscher Speicher Datenschutz-Grundverordnung DSGVO

Your Data stays in Germany

Our highly secure data centres in Frankfurt and Mannheim are equipped with the latest technology to protect your data, including biometric access control, perimeter sensing BMS system, CCTB and motion detection.

In addition, both holds strict security measures like identity control and a 24/7 security system. In our data centres, your data is perfectly protected.

TÜV “Verified Data Centre”

TÜV “Certificated Management System”

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015

ISAE 3402


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nachhaltiges rechenzentrum

Data Processing Contract

Sign an order processing contract (GCU) with leitzcloud. The GCU guarantees you the order processing in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Fully Secured

With the GCU, you will receive confirmation that the data processing takes place according to the GDPR and thus the authority of directives.

Quick & Efficient

You can easily find and sign the GCU yourself at any time in the customer portal. So you can decide for yourself when to sign the contract.

Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag unterzeichnen

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Legal Documents

Would you like to know more about the legal documents of leitzcloud? Learn about our terms of use, data protection and more.

Terms of Service

Data protection

Cookie policy

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Zero-Knowledge Privacy

We protect you with the highest level of privacy - a zero-knowledge privacy. This means that only you can access your data.

Your Data

Your data is always encrypted and can only be decrypted by yourself or the respective recipent.

The Encryption

Both your data and the data transfer are always encrypted. Your data is in encrypted form all the way to you.

More about Data Security & Privacy

zero knowledge privatsphäre in leitzcloud

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