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The leitzcloud Video Guide

Learn all the features of leitzcloud
with the help of our video guides.


First Steps

leitzcloud client portal video

Client Portal

In the client portal you can view your invoices, edit personal details, sign the DPA and more.

leitzcloud Sync-Tool video

Sync Tool

Download the Sync Tool and be able to work locally and offline on your computer.

leitzcloud view video

User and Administrator View

Learn the difference between user and administrator views.


leitzcloud user video

Create Users

Add users to the cloud and collaborate with them. Learn how to enhance teamwork and communication within your organization.

leitzcloud guest users video

Create Guest Users

Create an unlimited number of guest accounts and share selected folders and documents.

Working with leitzcloud

leitzcloud TeamShare video

Create Team Shares

Here you can learn what a Team Share is and how it can be created.

leitzcloud share video

Create Shares

Create custom shares and learn the difference between a secure and public share.

leitzcloud recover files video

Recover Files

With leitzcloud, nothing is lost so quickly - restore deleted items or delete them permanently.

leitzcloud online editing video

Online Editing

Improve collaboration in your team and use our Web Editor to work on documents simultaneously with your users.

leitzcloud remote deletion video

Remote Deletion

Remove devices connected to the Sync Tool in cases of theft or loss of a device.

leitzcloud Backup video

Create a Backup

Learn more about our built-in backup capabilities in the cloud.

Design Options

leitzcloud Branding video

Customise Branding

Add your own logo to the cloud and give your users and guests a familiar feeling.

leitzcloud Email-Vorlagen video

Customise Your Email Template

Change email templates and welcome your users to the cloud with your own sender.

Client Portal

Add contacts

Add a New Contact

In this video we will show you the Contacts function. These, like your accounting department, can then also act in the client portal.

Upgrade and Downgrade

Upgrade and Downgrade

Here we show you how to increase and reduce the number of users as well as the storage space.

Change data

Change Data

Here, we show you how to change your personal data.

signing DPA

Sign the DPA

This is how you can sign the DPA.

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