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Multi-Platform Compatibility

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Use leitzcloud anytime, anywhere - on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Flexible and Mobile

Access all your files on the go and in the office - no matter if you're online or offline.

Unlimited Devices

Connect any number of computers, tablets, and mobile devices to your cloud.

Continuous Synchronisation

All data on your devices are always up to date - thanks to live synchronisation.

Benefit From the Multi-Platform Compatibility of leitzcloud!

Download Sync Tool & App

Would you like to download the Sync Tool or the leitzcloud App? Here you can find every single App ready to download. Just follow the button “Show Apps” below and choose your Sync-Tool or App.

Sync Tool - for Windows

Sync Tool - for Mac

leitzcloud App - iOS

leitzcloud App - Android

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Outlook Plugin

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Ipad leitzcloud-App

The Sync Tool

leitzcloud is multi-platform compatible and allows you to flexibly sync your data locally to your computer.

Edit Files Locally and Offline

If you edit your files locally, they will automatically be synchronised with the cloud as long as there is an internet connection. Work comfortably on your desktop without losing any changes!

Fast and Secure Synchronisation

All of your files are saved in seconds thanks to a fast connection. Never worry again about your data not being saved properly. Try it out for yourself!

leitzcloud iMac

Easy Management for Administrators

As an administrator, you have full control over your cloud and all connected devices at all times.

Full Overview of Synchronised Devices

Prevent your company data from being synchronized on your employees' personal computers. Determine how users can access TeamShares and keep track of all connected devices.

Remote Deletion

Maintain control over your data, even after the loss or theft of a connected device. Disconnect all computers from the cloud through remote deletion and remove synchronised cloud files.

Further Connection Options

Integrate the leitzcloud into your daily work.

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Synchronise your files through the WebDAV protocol with your cloud. This gives you access to your directories without saving data locally. No need to install the Sync Tool.

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Connect Fileserver

Are you currently working with your own NAS server? Connect it to the leitzcloud to use your data outside the office and start exchanging with external partners.

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Outlook Plugin

Connect the Outlook Plugin to share large file formats with guest users or other people right from your email. This way you can share (large) files easier and faster!

Experience the benefits of leitzcloud for yourself!

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