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Store your data in a secure German cloud.

leitzcloud is an award-winning, secure and GDPR-compliant cloud storage solution specialised for German companies.

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Medical professionals

You can collaborate with your colleagues anywhere, anytime, secured by state-of-the-art encryption technologies, in a real-time digital cloud environment.

Our cloud is optimised for different medical fields: Specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, dentists, veterinarians and many more.

Medical companies

With leitzcloud, your data is highly secure. Thanks to zero-knowledge privacy and modern encryption technologies, only you have access to your data.

We are proud to count pharmacies, medical companies, medical practices and psychotherapies among our customers.

Best protection of data

At leitzcloud, data protection and the security of your data are our priorities. For this purpose, your data is hosted in German, state-of-the-art and strictly secured data centres.

Due to backups a loss of your data is not possible. In addition, leitzcloud is GDPR compliant and we follow German laws.

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leitzcloud, the specialised platform for future-proof healthcare companies

leitzcloud is versatile and therefore the perfect cloud for your business.

Share files securely

Share data and information with colleagues in Team Shares or collaborate there simultaneously in a secure digital environment. Use our Web Editor and create documents, tables or presentations.


Keep an eye on your cloud and be informed about changes and uploads thanks to our Activity Log. Configure custom notifications to your cell phone be be all the time up to date.

Individual branding

Customise your leitzcloud individually to your company and use our versatile branding options. No matter if individual logo, email templates, or customised functions within the cloud.

Free guest users

Do you want to share files with your patient or customer? Our secure sharing feature is suitable for this and serves as a secure alternative to mailing.


We store your data protected on highly secure servers located in German data centres. This way you can be sure that your data is always well-protected.


Have access to your documents from anywhere and at any time. Synchronise your folders with your computer, tablet or smartphone and continue working offline. Use our leitzcloud App and LC Scan App to work even more mobile and flexible.

Simple and fast management

Low administrative effort, yet full control over the cloud and all synchronised devices.

Keep an eye on all connected devices

Have a clear overview of which devices are synchronised with the cloud so that no data is transferred to private computers. Determine how users can access Team Shares to prevent unauthorised modification of data.

Remote deletions

In the event of loss, theft or a change to a new device, simply delete your local data from the cloud, to protect your data from unauthorised access.

Our Use Case

leitzcloud in Practice

This is how you can integrate the leitzcloud into your medical practice.


The practising doctors are divided into Team Shares.
Each patient has its own sub-folder in which the doctors and staff can exchange relevant files.

Patients are given guest access to the folder so that documents and formalities can be uploaded and downloaded securely at any time. In addition, medical practices can use it to communicate announcements.

Dr. Smith

Zahnarzt Team Share








Patient guest users Patient Patient Patient Patient

Application example

Multi-tenant Structure

Create an unlimited number of sub-organisations for your organisation and maintain a clear structure

Dashboard Multi-tenant-structure

What our satisfied customers say about us:

leitzcloud Organisation verwalten


"The GDPR-compliant protection of our data is an indispensable prerequisite for us when it comes to digital work. leitzcloud therefore not only offers us the necessary security measures but also the possibility to work flexibly with the data and access it from anywhere.

In particular, we really like the creation of sub-organisations, as this gives us many more setting options for our cloud and allows us to organise our data better."

- A customer from the healthcare sector -

Know your patient data in good hands

Datacenter Maincubes
German server location

Our highly secure data centre is located in Frankfurt, one of the best connected cities in Germany. It has state-of-the-art security mechanisms, such as armoured walls, identity controls, 24/7 monitoring and motion detection.

Read more about the location.

SSL- und TLS-encryption
SSL- and TSL encryption

Your data is made unrecognisable to outsiders through state-of-the-art encryption technologies. We use SSL and TLS encryption for communication with all our servers and AES 256-bit encryption for storage and all data transfers.

Read more about encryption.

TÜV and ISO Certifications
TÜV and ISO certified

leitzcloud is TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001:2017 and 2020. This means that your data is stored according to strict quality and information security management rules.

Read more about our certifications.

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