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Choose the DSGVO/ GDPR compliant leitzcloud and get the best data protection for your students, teachers and clients data.

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Protection of your data is our top priority!

Who has access to your data is not left to chance with us. That's why we offer you a wide range of security features.

256-Bit-AES- and TLS-Encryption

By encrypting your data, it cannot be read by outsiders. For this purpose, we use only the most modern and secure TSL and 256-bit AES encryption technologies.

100% DSGVO/ GDPR Conformity

Data protection compliant handling of your data is our top priority. That is why we work strictly in accordance with DSGVO guidelines and thus create transparency as to where your data is stored and who has access to it.

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

No one but you has insight into your data, not even us. This is how we preserve your privacy and ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

TÜV and ISO Certification

We apply strict security measures that reliably protect your data. This is guaranteed by our multiple TÜV, ISO 27001:2017 und 2020 certifications.

Ransomware Protection

The preservation of your data is additionally secured free of charge by our ransomware protection. If you receive malicious data, it will be detected early and already corrupted files will be restored in seconds.

Two-Factor Authentication

To further protect access to your leitzcloud, you can enable two-factor authentication. Request the verification code via app or text.

Customer Use Case

How Data Protection Works in Education

How Relias meets the requirements with leitzcloud!

Relias Learning GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Education Group and a leading provider of digital education specifically for the healthcare sector.
The company has opted for a private cloud from the German cloud storage company leitzcloud.

leitzcloud in education

data protection in education

Especially in education, increased data protection requirements are to be taken seriously. With leitzcloud, these requirements and others such as SSO via private cloud, Security Management and comprehensive and location-independent Corporate Governance problemlos umgesetzt werden.


cloud storage education

Why leitzcloud?

The storage and editing of internal documents require the highest security measures. leitzcloud offers individually customizable cloud solutions for more efficient and secure collaboration within companies.


Limited options for diverse management of different teams at various locations.

Data must remain in Germany, and compliance with GDPR regulations must be guaranteed.

Tedious collaboration on documents due to the absence of automatic backups.

Challenges with user authentication through the chosen provider.

Solutions with leitzcloud

Maximum security management and comprehensive, location-independent corporate governance.

Excellent German security with high data protection standards for cloud data.

Automatic backups on document (revisions) and structural levels (snapshots).

Authentication options via SSO integration using Private Cloud are easily achievable.

"Our most sensitive data is the content of our e-learning platforms. We approach data protection with sharpened awareness. leitzcloud was able to exceed all of our data protection requirements."

- Maik Dinkler (IT & Platform Manager)

Our Online Web-Editor

Our integrated Web-Editor leves up the productivity of students, teachers and clients through fast communication and collaboration. Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online and present your work directly from the leitzcloud.

Microsoft Office compatible

Our Web Cloud supports Microsoft Office! Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly in your browser.

Efficient Teamwork

Work simultaneously with fellow students, colleagues and clients on the same document and exchange ideas via chat.

Secure Availability

Work on your documents offline, access your cloud on the go and synchronize your data with all of your devices.

leitzcloud Sync Tool

Work locally on your desktop on your data using the Sync Tool.

leitzcloud App

Reach your data via your smartphone.

LC Scan App

Upload your scans directly to the Web Cloud, e.g. receipts.

Not convinced yet? Find out, what sets the leitzcloud apart from other cloud solutions.

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