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Download leitzcloud Apps and Sync Tools

Download the leitzcloud App for Windows, macOS and mobile devices and access your Cloud from anywhere, wherever you are.

leitzcloud Apps

Download Links for LC Apps and Sync Tools

Download the apps from links below. Share files securely and collaborate with your colleagues in a secure online environment at your fingertips.

Android App

Google Play Store

iOS App

App Store


Windows Sync-Tool


SafeSync Client


App Sync Client
Safe Sync for Windows

For Windows User:
SafeSync-Client or

Which Sync-Client is suitable for your needs? Learn about the differences between our SafeSync-Client and our Sync-Client for Windows here.

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leitzcloud Outlook Plugin and Scan Apps

Download the Outlook-Plugin and send files with the respective email via leitzcloud. Install the LC Scan-App to convert receipt, documents, notes, images, or business cards, which you can subsequently edit in your cloud.

Outlook Plugin


Download the Outlook Plugin

Android LC Scan App

Android LC Scan App

Download the Android LC Scan App

iOS LC Scan App

iOS LC Scan App

Download the iOS LC Scan App

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