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Secure Encryption
With Highest Standards

Work on your most important documents without concerns. Our highly encrypted cloud solution provides you access to your files from anywhere. leitzcloud helps your team to collaborate internally and externally while keeping your information confidential and secure.

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Why Is Encryption Important?

By encrypting the files, your data is protected so that no one else but you can access it. The data is made unreadable for anyone who tries to access the files. Encryption therefore provides security of the data you share with your clients, partners, or colleagues, or of your own private data.

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Powerful 256-Bit AES Encryption

leitzcloud uses complex 256-bit AES encryption on the servers and for all communication with the servers. Every communication via a web browser, the Sync-Tool, or via the WebDAV protocol for mobile devices is securely encrypted.


Secure SSL Encryption

Additionally, we protect your data when communicating with our servers by using SSL encryption and TLS encryption. This enables encrypted data exchange between the web browser and our server. Thanks to this highly secure encryption, your data cannot be read by third parties.

Zero-Knowledge Service
With leitzcloud

We protect you with the highest level of privacy: Zero-Knowledge. This means that only you alone can access your data.

   Your Data

Your data is always encrypted on the file level and can only be decrypted by yourself or the respective recipient.

   The Encryption

Both your data and the transport are always encrypted. Your data will be encrypted until it reaches you.

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Modern Security in Two Datacenters

Our encrypted, GDPR-compliant cloud storage solution is hosted on our own hardware in multiple ISO-certified data centres in Frankfurt and Mannheim. The security systems in our data centres are continuously tested to ensure that your files are fully protected.

Independently Certified

Both our data centre maincubes and PFALZKOM have multiple TÜV certifications, such as ISO 27001:2017, ISO 9001:2015 and/ or ISAE 3402 certifications.

Driver of Sustainability

Our data centres are exclusively operated on green electricity. Thanks to a sophisticated cooling system they require only half the energy of a typical data centre.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

We believe that securing your private data is our top priority. This is why we use our own secure infrastructure that you can always rely on.

State-of-the-Art Hardware

Only the best hardware is good enough for hosting your valuable data. leitzcloud runs on our own professional high quality hardware that is maintained by our own team only.

Fail-Safe Infrastructure

At no point should your work come to a standstill, which is why we use a fail-safe infrastructure. This means that your files are mirrored on multiple servers.

24/7 Monitoring

The leitzcloud servers are continuously monitored 24/7 by our technical department. If problems arise, we will be the first to know and will fix them immediately!

No Third-Party Involvement

The infrastructure is owned entirely by us. This way we can guarantee absolute privacy when it comes to your data.

For You Any Time Available

Reliable and proactive support.

99,9 % Availability

In 2022, as in the previous year, we achieved an operating time of more than 99.9%.

Individual Security

As an administrator you can set up your own and additional security settings - create your own security guidelines today.

Dedicated Support

Do you need help with your leitzcloud? You are welcome to contact us free of charge anytime from 9 - 6 pm CET.

Contact us for any questions or comments!

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