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Cloud for Businesses: The Business Cloud for Companies

01.06.2021 | Natalie Hogh

Efficiency, flexibility, structure, and security are highly valued in companies. A good cloud for companies like the leitzcloud for companies offers all of these - and much more. Thanks to function-based governance features, it's easy to keep track of and manage content.

Specially tailored to companies, we offer you interfaces and organizational settings including branding and activity logs.

With our company cloud, you can advance your business digitally, simplify processes, and collaborate worldwide. Our content management makes this possible, optimizing your processes and increasing productivity.

Learn why a cloud for companies makes sense and what security it offers your company in this article.

In addition, we cover the following content and features:

Let's start with the most important question: Is switching to a cloud storage for your company worthwhile?

Cloud storage for companies - is it worthwhile for my company?

A cloud for companies is theoretically already useful if you want to access data from more than one device. Because unlike manual storage and time-consuming transfer, the data can be uploaded and shared. From this point on, they are available to selected users at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Here are some crucial advantages of clouds for companies:

The collaborative and flexible work of multiple users on a project, independent of time and location, using team share. With cloud storage for companies, endless data transfer with limited storage capacity is a thing of the past. Instead of having ten stages of a document, you have the latest version immediately, which is viewable by all selected users.

Especially in outsourcing or working at multiple locations, clouds for companies offer decentralized data storage. This is not static but can be flexibly adapted.

For example, when growing or relocating capacities, working with a cloud is no problem. Therefore, the switch makes sense in the long term and is not just a short-term trend.

Field employees can share and access information in real-time, see interim results, and work on projects with the headquarters.

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With innovative cloud solutions, you make collaboration much easier for external partners. Our interface is designed for international use and includes five languages.

Just like partners, qualified professionals can also be convinced by the possibilities of flexible work (on the go, worldwide, from home).

Meanwhile, data is securely stored through backups and certified data centers and remains fully in your possession. As security is a top priority for us at leitzcloud, we dedicate two separate chapters to this later on.

A study conducted in 2016 by auditing firm KPMG and the research department of the digital association Bitkom Research already showed the great benefits of cloud solutions:

Almost three-quarters of the surveyed companies in Germany confirmed that the availability and performance of their IT services had improved. No deterioration was noticed by anyone.

Despite these obvious advantages, it is surprising that in 2016, only about 25% of German companies used cloud services. Are you one of them? Then it is time to change that. Let's look at some of the benefits that cloud computing brings to companies:

Cloud Computing for Companies - with Security for More Efficiency

At leitzcloud, security is a top priority for companies. We take the following measures to protect you and your data and ensure privacy:

  • Secure data storage on German servers
  • State-of-the-art security technologies in our data centers (ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certified), including TÜV certificate
  • No access by third parties
  • No processing or analysis of your data
  • 256-bit encryption of data transfers
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cloud Computing for Companies - Personal Security Measures

In addition to these basic options, we give you the opportunity to use the cloud more securely for your business:

An optional two-factor authentication secures your access and makes it a big challenge for outsiders to intervene.

Regularly changing your password provides a lot of security with little effort.

To protect your data in everyday life and during processing, we offer you a variety of options:

  • File locking prevents changes by others while a user is working on the file
  • Structured overview for the administrator using the dashboard about what's happening
  • Remote deletion of data and separation of devices from the cloud in case of loss or theft
  • Device management for managing the devices connected to the cloud
  • Data deletion, you decide when data is permanently deleted

Are these options not enough for you? Then you can take it a step further with your own cloud hardware:

Cloud for Companies - Use Your Own Cloud Hardware

We offer you various options for GDPR-compliant work with our cloud for companies. But you can also contribute to high security.

One way to do this is to set up your own cloud hardware in your company. This way, you are reliably protected against suspicious activities such as viruses or hacker attacks.

Furthermore, there is the option to turn off the cloud infrastructure locally.

Let's take a quick look at the additional benefits of having your own cloud hardware:

  • Custom hardware in your company
  • Fast connectivity
  • Ability to turn off IT infrastructure
  • Complete security of your data

You can already tell that you are in safe hands with us. Let's now focus on the possibilities that clouds offer for companies:

own server with leitzcloud


An own server is particularly interesting for enterprise companies!
Not sure which solution is right for your company? Then feel free to contact our experts.
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Cloud Computing for Companies - Numerous Corporate Governance Functions

The intelligent governance management of our cloud for companies enables, among other things:

  • User management
  • Revisions and file restoration
  • Notifications and reports

With the activity log, changes to files can be tracked. In this way, based on user management, you can always see who has changed files and folders.

Our leitzcloud for companies stores revisions, i.e. older versions of files. If something is deleted, you can restore older revisions. In this way, you are on the safe side, as no files are guaranteed to be lost.

webinterface of the reports of leitzcloud

To always keep an overview, the notifications and reports of our business cloud storage can help you. You can choose which activities you want to be automatically informed about by email or SMS on your computer and/or smartphone.

As an administrator, you can also configure regular reports with all information, developments, and statistics in the company cloud.

Thanks to device management, you can manage all devices that have access to the cloud for companies. For example, you can...

  • Check the synchronization status
  • Perform remote deletions in case of loss or theft
  • Disconnect devices from the cloud

In this way, as an administrator, you can keep an overview of the processes in your cloud business and intervene if necessary to ensure the security of your operation.

Let's move from the general to the specific and look at further individual customization options with which you can give the cloud storage for companies a personal touch:

Cloud for Companies - Individually Tailored to You with Branding

That all sounds nice, but you are missing the individual touch? No problem! Use your branding within the business cloud storage.

In addition to these general settings, we are happy to help you realize further individual wishes. For example, a personalized login screen can be created that further emphasizes your branding.

True to the motto "Nothing is set in stone", further individual customizations and solutions are possible. You will see that our cloud for businesses, along with our personalized implementations, noticeably accelerates your processes and makes them more efficient.

Our competent IT experts are happy to offer you efficient solutions for cloud business. But you also have the option to act and manage within the cloud for businesses:

Cloud storage for companies - you manage the organizational settings and policies

As an administrator of your cloud business, you can set many policies, such as:

  • Activation or limitation of user functions
  • Management of revisions and deleted files
  • Definition of storage capacity for each user

In addition, the organizational structure of the cloud for businesses can be adapted to your preferences and circumstances. For example, if you have multiple branches or departments, you can create an organizational structure with sub-organizations.

webinterface of guidelines of leitzcloud

Furthermore, various policies can be implemented and additional administrators can be appointed.

Cloud storage for companies - what to look out for

When it comes to the best individual cloud for businesses, it is important to consider your specific needs. For example, a cloud for schools offers different options than one specifically designed for businesses, such as our LeitzCloud.

However, data protection compliance and ensuring the security of your data are common to all.


A secure data storage and a TÜV-certified data center with server location in Germany are essential criteria for selecting a cloud for businesses. This way, you can work in compliance with GDPR.

Especially for long-term considerations, outsourcing, or large companies, it is advantageous to be able to add an unlimited number of devices.

Just like the number of devices, their compatibility should also be considered: whether it's a smartphone, computer, Mac, Windows, or mobile devices with iOS and Android, they should be compatible with the cloud for businesses.

sync tool displayed on a monitor

Data Always Available

You can install our sync tool on any number of devices.
This way, you can access and edit your data from anywhere!
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Sync tools and mobile apps allow for offline work. This is especially useful during train or bus rides or while flying. Once you're back online, the modified data will be automatically updated and made accessible to the selected users.

A good cloud for businesses also stands out through satisfactory customer contact and fast support. For example, we already offer assistance with the transition to leitzcloud. Training and setup support are a matter of course.

As a preventative measure, we provide a live demonstration to address potential questions from new customers and explain the most important features.

Following Confucius' motto: "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I'll understand," our live demos are interactive and show exactly where questions and difficulties arise.

Additionally, you can contact us quickly and personally with any questions. We are happy to help and save you time, money, and nerves.

Business Cloud Storage by leitzcloud - A Conclusion

Our business cloud storage offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • Comprehensive corporate governance functions
  • Custom branding
  • Custom organization settings and policies
  • Cloud on dedicated hardware possible
  • Revisions & file restoration
  • Device management
  • Remote wiping

We provide you with high security: On the one hand, your data is secured by backups on the business cloud. On the other hand, storing and processing data on German servers provides the basis for GDPR-compliant work.

If you want to take it a step further, you can activate two-factor authentication or install cloud hardware. This way, you're on the safe side with your cloud for businesses solution.

Thanks to our governance management, you always have an overview and can manage your devices. We offer you, among other things:

  • Interfaces
  • Branding
  • Activity logs
  • Organization settings

Customize your cloud by adding your branding and giving it a personalized touch. With us, you'll impress external partners worldwide with the progressiveness of your company. In the LeitzCloud for companies, guest accounts and users can be added in an unlimited number.

Team shares enable easy collaboration and work on projects with internal users. You determine their abilities and ensure that only selected documents can be viewed and edited.

Convince yourself of the diverse offerings of our cloud computing for companies. With just a few clicks and no obligations, our cloud for businesses is available free of charge for fourteen days.

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We make the transition easy for you with our user-friendly platform. Live demonstrations pave the way and calls to action indicate where each individual needs to take action. Our customer support is always there to listen and help with any questions.

New developments often create uncertainties. We want to support you with our cloud for companies. To make this possible, we combine old with new:

Organizational structures can be taken over. Familiar documents such as Excel spreadsheets and presentations remain and make it easier for your team to transition to the cloud.

You will quickly realize that with cloud for companies, your processes will be optimized quickly. Structure and overview help identify and respond to delays. With us, productivity and your team's satisfaction will increase.

Take the step from the present to the future and simplify your processes, management, and collaboration.

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