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Cloud Solutions - The Secure Cloud Solution for Your Data

Reading time: 7 mins | Natalie Hogh


Reasons for using leitzcloud as your cloud

In the age of digitization, home office, and outsourcing, cloud solutions are the choice for the present and future:

Easy, clear, secure, and fast are the learning and handling. Collaboration is facilitated, and interim results do not have to be discussed constantly since they are transparent.

But let's start at the beginning and with the questions:

This article about cloud solutions is about answering those and many other questions.

What is a cloud solution?

A cloud, also known as cloud computing, refers to various services that are provided over the Internet. These include, for example:

  • Computing power
  • Storage space
  • Application software

As a customer, you have the advantage of being able to use the services via an app using your smartphone, tablet, or web browser. The provider takes care of maintenance and maintenance work.

Cloud comes from the English language and means "cloud." This term has been used in the IT industry since the 1990s to describe information architecture. Specifically, it refers to an exchange between different devices such as servers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Cloud Solutions - How does a cloud solution work?

But what does a cloud have to do with this networking? Like a cloud, it is not apparent to the user on which server the data is stored and which hardware is used.

This information is obscured like a cloud and is irrelevant. Because, in cloud solutions, what counts is the result and the uncomplicated work, anytime, anywhere.

Since the mid-1990s, businesses have been renting storage space and expensive dedicated lines for the internet in IT data centers.

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However, this had the disadvantage that (un)planned maintenance work led to the website or computer being down. So instead of a cloud solution, there was a server problem back then.

Cloud solutions have the advantage that data connectivity and resilience can be outsourced to third-party providers.

With cloud solutions, important data is stored multiple times at different locations. This is called redundant storage. It's like backing up your data on your computer, smartphone, and external hard drive. If one of the devices fails, you can access another one.

Cloud solutions have many advantages

However, compared to manual storage, cloud solutions have the advantage of being accessible from any location and device at any time. All you need to access a cloud solution is an internet-enabled device, an internet connection, and your login credentials.

In a survey by the IDC (Institute for Data Communication), about 60 percent of respondents identified cloud computing as the decisive technology of digitization.

However, not all cloud solutions are created equal. There are different options and providers for storing your data. Therefore, the question arises: What is important when choosing the best cloud solution?

Cloud System - German Cloud Solution

The question of the best cloud solution depends on one's needs: for example, a cloud system and its requirements for a school differ from those for a company.

The cloud solutions of leitzcloud are, for example, a very good and secure cloud solution that was specifically developed for operational requirements. Among other things, it is characterized by German data protection and modern security.

Important for any cloud solution are:

  • a secure data storage
  • a TÜV-certified data center
  • GDPR-compliant

For many employees or outsourcing, it makes sense to be able to add unlimited devices. Additionally, it is advantageous if the cloud solution can be used via a mobile or tablet app or a web browser.

For example, leitzcloud offers interfaces with offline clients for Mac and Windows. In addition, access to the cloud solutions is possible via apps for Android and iOS.

The Sync Tool

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But what if you don't have internet temporarily? In this case, offline editing with a sync tool (synchronization tool) is ideal. This automatically synchronizes the changed, newly created or deleted data when there is an internet connection.

Especially when dealing with (a new) cloud solution for the first time, the best cloud solution is characterized by customer contact:

  • Training assistance
  • Setup assistance
  • Conversion assistance

But questions can also arise during work. A quick and personal support for questions and problems is helpful and saves time, money and nerves.

Secure Cloud Solution - GDPR Compliant on German Servers

We offer a secure cloud solution at leitzcloud. On the one hand, we securely store your data and store it GDPR-compliant on German servers.

Locally and online, we do not grant third parties access to your data, as your privacy and security are important to us. This is required by the location in Germany and the German laws. In this way, our cloud solution helps you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can also conclude a data processing agreement (DPA) with us. You can conveniently find this in your customer portal.

data protection of leitzcloud.

We keep our word

Data protection and security are important to us.
Therefore, you can simply read about how your data is protected on our website.
Just take a look around!

More about data protection

On the other hand, access is already secured through two-factor authentication, making it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to penetrate the system and read sensitive content.

Regular password changes provide a little mental exercise with a big effect for little effort. This way, you also contribute to protecting your content and making the cloud solution safer for everyone involved.

As a German cloud solution, we stand for data protection and security with a high standard. Our data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art security technologies and certified according to ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001.

To ensure the protection of your privacy in the cloud solution, all data remains your property and neither processed nor analyzed for information.

Our 256-bit encrypted cloud solution for storage and transfer protects your data during every transfer. When communicating with our servers, you are secured with SSL encryption.

For many reasons, our cloud solutions are secure:

  • Data storage on German servers
  • No third-party access or analysis of your data
  • Security technology certified according to ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001
  • Two-factor authentication

You can find more information on the security standards of the leitzcloud solution here.

Additional security of the cloud solutions

Security also refers to working processes in the cloud solution:

File locking prevents overwriting changes when you no longer want to make a file accessible to users or when you are working on a file alone. However, you can easily collaborate on documents in the web browser without collisions.

Cloud solution protection by admin

A secure cloud solution also has to do with basic structure and satisfied employees and customers.

As an administrator, you can easily keep track of the developments of the cloud, the current storage usage, as well as the number of connected devices and user activities with the dashboard.

As an admin in the cloud solution, you can easily...

  • manage folders
  • create reports
  • perform remote deletions

The device management of the cloud solutions gives you free rein: You can manage all devices that have access to the cloud solutions.

In the event of loss or theft, unauthorized access can be prevented by means of remote wiping without losing any data. In a further step, you can disconnect outdated or lost devices from the cloud.

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Trust is good, control is even better. If you want to be absolutely sure about security, we will set up your own cloud hardware in your organization. This way, you also effectively protect yourself against suspicious activities such as viruses or ransomware attacks.

In addition, you can shut down the infrastructure of the cloud solution locally through your own cloud hardware. Furthermore, you have:

  • fast connectivity
  • your own hardware in the organization, and
  • complete data security.

Cloud solutions - our service for you

If you have any questions regarding the application or security of the cloud solution, you can contact us by phone, email or live chat at any time.

Specially developed how-tos, tutorials as well as video tutorials and online documentation answer the essential questions about cloud solutions in advance.

For new customers, we are happy to provide a live demonstration to introduce you to the possible applications of our cloud solution. In this way, we can also explain the most relevant features of our cloud solution and make the first steps easier for you.

Best Cloud Solution - Why it's Worth Investing In

A study from 2016, conducted by auditing firm KPMG and the research department of the digital association Bitkom Research, clearly showed the advantages of cloud solutions:

74 percent of German companies surveyed confirmed that the performance and availability of their IT services had improved.

No deterioration was even recorded. Nevertheless, only about a quarter of German organizations were using cloud solutions.

This raises the question of when cloud solutions make sense. Cloud solutions are already useful when mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones are used in addition to static computers in the workplace.

Because cloud solutions facilitate access and collaborative and flexible work by one or more people from different devices on a common project.

However, cloud solutions can also be useful for classic use of laptops and computers: cloud solutions can already be useful when data needs to be stored on more than one computer.

These cloud solutions are suitable, for example, as decentralized data storage when multiple locations are used. But cloud solutions are also suitable for scaling requirements during growth or capacity shifting.

For employees in the field, cloud solutions are ideal for receiving data in real-time, tracking intermediate stages, or collaborating on documents.

Collaboration with your team is simplified and improved through a cloud solution: for example, everyone benefits from internal collaboration. Team shares allow files to be created and shared together. Thanks to online editing, multiple people can work on documents simultaneously.

No document needs to be sent by email and updated laboriously anymore. No table is lost. With cloud solutions, you can manage all documents in one place and access them throughout the company.

Include external partners in these advantages as well. Innovative cloud solutions showcase your progressive and organized operation from its best side. Free guest user accounts allow for targeted file exchange with other organizations.

These partners can also upload and download files and collaborate together. This strengthens business relationships and enables smooth and timely cooperation.

This is also possible internationally, as the interface of the cloud solution includes five languages: German, English, French, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Finally, cloud solutions offer the possibility to work from home. Especially in the competition for qualified specialists, cloud solutions provide an attractive incentive to work flexibly in different locations.

German cloud solutions from leitzcloud - features and benefits

The cloud solutions from leitzcloud offer various features:

Users can be added without limit, guest accounts can be set up temporarily. Team shares allow for cooperation with other users, while authorizations for guests can be created anytime and without limit. These different account types are one of the basic requirements for flexible work with unlimited partners and employees.

Thanks to Microsoft Office compatibility, documents created in other editors can be easily uploaded to the cloud and further edited. This allows for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and presentations to be created, edited, and optimized in the cloud without an additional Office license.

By working on documents simultaneously, everyone can contribute, errors are quickly identified, progress is visible and understandable for everyone.

web interface of the leitzcloud dashboard

To keep an overview, the dashboard does all the work. And depending on the user, their rights in the cloud solutions can be individually set and adjusted. Through this secure cloud solution, sensitive data remains reserved for those to whom it is addressed.

Cloud solutions - always keeping an overview

These intelligent and flexible governance functions of the cloud solution made in Germany enable easy, fast and clear management, bringing more structure and collaboration to your business, and advancing it digitally.

The effective governance offer of our cloud solution, leitzcloud, for companies includes, among other things:

  • Organizational settings
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Branding
  • Activity log

This content management optimizes your processes and increases productivity through the German cloud solution.

Whether you have one or 1000 employees: With the cloud solution and its governance functions, you keep an overview and control of content, access rights, and activities.

Cloud solution from leitzcloud - individual design options

Your preferences are important to us, which is why we customize our cloud solution individually. You can also take action and set individual policies within the cloud solutions:

  • Activate or limit user functions
  • Set storage capacities for users
  • Manage revisions and deleted data
  • Use your organizational structure within the cloud solutions or create a new one.

This is especially useful for collaboration with multiple branches and departments. Different policies can be determined for this purpose, and additional administrators can be appointed.

Cloud solutions - individual settings

To make it easier to keep an overview within the cloud solution, we help you with notifications and reports. You determine for which activities you want to be notified immediately by email or SMS on your computer or smartphone.

Additionally, you can configure reports with all statistics, information, and developments within the cloud solutions.

Accidents can happen: with one mouse click, a week's work is deleted. With cloud solutions, we also have options for these problems and can, for example, restore an old version.

Otherwise, you determine when files are permanently deleted or how long you want to save revisions.

Require frequent password changes or enable two-factor authentication to increase your cloud solution's security measures.

A selective synchronization of selected folders saves you local storage space on your devices.

Within the cloud solution, your own branding can be used strategically:

  1. The sync tool can be named according to your wishes and provided with the organization's icon.
  2. Add your own logo to the login screen for users and guests of the cloud solutions.
  3. Colleagues and external partners can be invited to collaborate via individual emails.

Cloud Solutions - a conclusion

Cloud solutions can improve operations in the company. The data is securely stored by the cloud solutions and protected from unauthorized access.

Our data center is located near Frankfurt, is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, and provides the best protection for your data on-site and online. No access is granted to third parties. And we also do nothing with your data. Because privacy is important to us.

Password changes, two-factor authentication, and a TÜV-certified data center with high-security standards help protect your data.

On request, we can also install cloud hardware. With this, you have fast connectivity, complete data security, and the hardware in your organization. There you can turn it off locally.

We take care of the software and maintenance for you so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

overview of advantages of the leitzcloud My apologies for the mistake in my previous response. Here is the translation with all the HTML tags included:

At the same time, collaboration with various national and international partners is possible. Custom notes can be added through our own icons and tools.

With corporate governance features, it's easy to keep track of everything. Users can be managed, revisions and file restorations can be made. Notifications and reports can be set up to keep you informed of the most important information.

Even when using multiple different devices, business processes can be streamlined and made faster and more efficient through cloud solutions.

We are here for you whenever you need us. Whether it's setting up the cloud, transitioning to it, or working with it, our customer support is here to help you. How-tos, video tutorials, and online documentation guide beginners step by step through all processes.

See for yourself the benefits of our secure cloud solution and test it for two weeks for free. Benefit from our diverse offer, user-friendly operation, and customer-oriented service.

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