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New cyber threats expected by the BKA

November 02, 2020

Computer, unbekannter Hacker

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is sounding the alarm about rising cyber threats, especially among home office employees since the Covid 19 pandemic.

Declining cybercrime awareness rates are leading to increased cyber-attacks. Hackers take advantage of the Covid 19 crisis and lure your visitors with information and advice. Visitors who press the button are infected with so-called malware. In addition, recipients who open email attachments from seemingly government agencies regarding "Corona" are infected with malware.

The pandemic brings new challenges for every company, every freelancer, every person. People will mainly work from home, the work process will be digitalized, and security standards will also have to be adapted. Such a change takes time and the new working world must also be secured with new security thinking.

The modern next-generation firewall secures all traffic and benefits from technologies such as artificial intelligence to detect new methods used by hackers.

In a crisis, the special becomes normal and the normal becomes special.

Monika Kühn-Görg

"Corona has finally made it clear in IT that the cloud offers a wide range of services and can secure centrally what a conventional IT infrastructure simply cannot do," says Andreas Schlechter, Managing Director of Telonic, a systems house specializing in IT and network security.

"The IDG study shows that a new, holistic approach to security is needed. All steps - from prevention and threat detection to simulation, which is used to regularly test the company's own infrastructure - must be included", explains Schlechter.

Cloud storage and data protection

The use of clouds has become very popular with many companies. However, finding a suitable cloud is not always that easy, as many companies have certain requirements. The cloud should have its servers in Germany, adhere to the DSGVO guidelines, encrypt the data and also be safe from possible hacker attacks. In addition, there are many different functions, which makes the search for a cloud storage more difficult than one had hoped. As a result, cloud storage with personal support is often preferred, as you can be sure that you can contact your customer service directly and get support in case of problems.

leitzcloud allows you to run your business from the comfort of your home, work efficiently with colleagues and external partners, and not worry about the security of your data. With leitzcloud, you are protected from ransomware and can access and restore your data to a certain point in time before the attack in case of a hacker attack. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic and rising corona cases, keep full control with leitzcloud from home and always stay safe from ransomware.

For more information visit our page on data protection and security.

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