Two-Factor Authentication

Grant yourself additional security and use the two-factor authentication of LeitzCloud.

What is the Two-Factor Authentication?

The two-factor authentication gives you an additional security level, which guarantees, that you are the only one with access to the account, even if someone knows your password.

Two-factor verification″
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Two-Factor Authentication

We recommend that you always activate the two-factor authentication to better protect your data. This function is included for free!

Per user

Each user can activate the two-factor-authentication individually in their settings and determine how they would like to receive the code.

The entire organisation

Does your company require a two-factor-authentication? Enable this feature for the entire organisation.

Additional verification

Choose how you want to receive the verification code.




Text message



Why is the Two-Factor Authentication more secure?

Unfortunately, a database of passwords is regularly hacked and sold to other parties. These parties use the passwords to log into your account. An activated two-factor verification will prevent hackers from gaining access, because a password will not be enough.

Further security standards


Protection against ransomware

Data protection according to GDPR

Remote deletion