LeitzCloud Features

File sharing tools for your business
Create user access roles at any time and invite your employees and guests to work together.

Easy file sharing for users
Cloud management

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cloud functions

Corporate Governance

As an administrator, you have full control over your cloud. You can distribute user roles, allocate storage space, create separate work areas, create sub-organizations and much more!

interface dashboard


Use the dashboard to keep track of all activities in your cloud.

Always know current memory consumption, the number of all connected devices and all activities of the users.

Cloud permissions

Know which devices are subscribed to the cloud and which users can access LeitzCloud.

You can also easily add users from another organization with just a few clicks.

structure of file


Schedule weekly or monthly PDF, XLSX or CSV reports to identify the heavy users and important changes.

Set up email or text notifications that are sent when an important change happens in LeitzCloud.

Simultaneous Collaboration

Collaboration with your team or with external partners was never this easy.

Work with your team

Create Team Shares to work together and use live editing to work on documents at the same time.

Manage your data from one place and have access to your data from anywhere!

Work with partners

Strengthen the relationship with your partners and create free guest users, to share data outside of your organisation.

Allow your guest to up- and download documents and invite them to
collaborate togther on

International collaboration

Do you have partner companies in different countries? No problem - You can translate the interface into 5 languages.

You can chose between Brazilian Portuguese, German, English,
French and Dutch

Our Web-Editor

Our web editor increases the productivity of your employees through faster communication and collaboration. Design your documents, tables and presentations online and present your work directly from LeitzCloud.

Our Sync-Tool

Install the LeitzCloud Sync Tool on your computer and work on all files offline. Thanks to selective synchronization you can choose which folders and files you want to save locally.

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leitzcloud sync tool

multiple devices

Access your data form everywhere

Stay flexible and manage your documents worldwide with our Sync Tool for Windows
and macOS and LeitzCloud App for Android and iOS.
With our Sync-Tool and LeitzCloud App you can also access your data offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Unlike many other cloud services with LeitzCloud you have always access to all features - no matter how many users or storage packets you have.
Our customer service is always excellent - regardless how big your company is, our experts are always there for you. Contact us.

Your data is stored in compliance with the German GDPR in our green data center in Germany. Learn more about security and privacy here.

Yes! We are happy that you want to try the cloud, that is why you can test the cloud easily with our free two-week trial (no credit card required).
If you need help with setting up the cloud you can book a demo here. In the free demo we show you all important features and help you to set up the cloud.

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