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Storing Data - Saving, Uploading, and Sharing Data Quickly, Securely, and Easily

Reading time: 5 mins | Natalie Hogh


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Never before has it been so easy to store data and use it in the cloud. Instead of using physical media like a USB stick or a hard drive to store data, it can be uploaded with just a few clicks.

Storing data in the cloud has numerous advantages, such as having multiple backups. Hard drives can break, USB sticks can be lost. Digital data storage, on the other hand, can be accessed worldwide at any time.

You don't need to transfer data from your computer to a micro-SD card or connect your smartphone to retrieve data. Instead, data is stored in the cloud, and files can be uploaded and downloaded with just a few clicks.

All you need is an internet connection, access to the cloud, and a compatible device.

Save time by avoiding the hassle of data transfer, searching for USB sticks, and finding data. Instead, work simply, quickly, safely, and efficiently.

This article is about how storing data in the cloud works and what to watch out for.

1. Storing data in the cloud - why is it useful?

2. Storing data encrypted in the cloud - play it safe

3. Storing data securely in the cloud - step by step explained

4. Storing data in the cloud - what to watch out for

5. Storing in the cloud - a conclusion

We focus on storing data encrypted in the cloud, as this is the only way to ensure that your documents are in safe hands and protected from unauthorized access.

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Storing data in the cloud - why is it useful?

If you want to store your data in the cloud, you can benefit from numerous advantages. Because in the web editor, not only secure storage of the data is possible, but also their editing.

Some of the services include:

  • Compatibility with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Automatic storage in Office mode
  • Free to share with an unlimited number of guest users
  • Addition of multiple authors and editors
  • Restoration of changes
  • Diverse range of functions for document design
  • No maximum file size
  • No bandwidth restrictions

In addition to these features, there are other services and benefits that you can enjoy when storing data with cloud solutions:

  • Security, because with the right provider, the data is stored on German servers with high security standards, creating the basis for GDPR-compliant work.
  • Security II, as a backup can be created or remote deletion can be performed in case of device loss.
  • Time savings, because instead of transferring documents from a computer to a tablet or smartphone, data can be easily accessed with just a few clicks.
  • Teamwork, thanks to TeamShares, many users can work on documents effectively and clearly worldwide.

Storing data in the cloud - whether in the home office or office

Whether in the office or home office, working professionally and effectively is possible from anywhere if you store your data in the cloud. The online editing of our leitzcloud provides a user-friendly office package with the web editor. With this, you and your company can work together online easily and uncomplicatedly.

Storing data in the cloud is possible with any operating system. Whether Microsoft or Apple, with our solution, you have access to your data from any device.

At the latest after storing data in the cloud, the question of access rights arises: Give your documents individual access to your team. You determine the selection of people and duration of access.

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The process of storing data in the cloud is intuitive. With just one click, you can create new documents, upload and download them, and save them.

"And what about my old Word documents?" you may ask. This is also not a problem: you can safely store the data in the cloud and continue editing it with our online editor.

The office features can also be used offline. Our sync tool automatically updates changes as soon as an internet connection is available.

Storing data in the cloud - simplifying teamwork

Storing data in the cloud allows for teamwork on a new level. You, your team, and external partners can create and share unlimited documents.

Texts, Excel files, and presentations can be edited together in TeamShares. This way, everyone benefits from the colleague's know-how and can respond immediately to changes.

The fast and easy processes increase the motivation and productivity of the entire team and create better results.

As an administrator, you have various governance management options when storing data in the cloud. For example, you can...

  • Distribute access rights to your team
  • Keep track of document revisions
  • Check activities in the cloud (downloads, views, etc.)
  • Create organizational policies
  • Work in compliance with GDPR regulations

Speaking of data protection, let's focus on an important topic when storing data with cloud solutions, security:

Encrypting data stored in the cloud - play it safe

Privacy and security are crucial. Encrypting data stored in the cloud is one of our many security measures.

At leitzcloud, we use modern AES-256-bit encryption for data storage in the cloud, which is also used for all data transfers. When communicating with our servers, we use SSL encryption.

Datenschutz in der leitzcloud.

We keep our promise

Data protection and security are important to us. That's why you can easily read about how we protect your data. Simply take a look at our website!

Learn more about data protection

Our servers are located in Germany. Our highly secure data center is TÜV-certified multiple times. In addition, we are one hundred percent GDPR-compliant and protect your data according to the world's strictest data protection law.

In addition to our high security standards, you can also take active steps to make storing data in the cloud even safer:

  • When activating two-factor authentication, an additional security barrier is automatically set up. This must be confirmed when logging in via email, SMS or authentication app.
  • As an administrator, you can set a regular password change for all users. This regular change takes little time but has a big effect on secure data storage in the cloud.
  • After an attack by ransomware, we offer features to restore deleted or damaged data to the desired state.
  • By means of remote deletion, you can delete all synchronized data on a device and disconnect its connection to the cloud. In case of theft or loss, you prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands in this way.

leitzcloud offers a sustainable and highly secure data center in Frankfurt equipped with the latest technology.

Rigorous security measures protect your data: Our security personnel are on duty 24/7 in our security-certified business park. Physically, it is protected by a fence, the data center including the data hall and a data cage. Our data center has the following certifications:

  • TÜV "Certified Data Center"
  • TÜV "Certified Management System"
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • ISAE 3402
  • ÖkoPLUS criteria

"That sounds good, but how does leitzcloud use my data?" you might object. We guarantee that your data will not be viewed, analyzed, or evaluated without your consent.

You can securely store your data in the cloud and retain all copyrights to the content. As the owner, you remain in possession of all information, which we do not view or pass on to third parties.

Storing data safely in the cloud - explained step by step

To make it easier for you to get started with storing data in the cloud, we explain the process step by step:

  1. Sign up for leitzcloud.
  2. Go through two-factor authentication.
  3. Select "My Files" on the left-hand side.
  4. Select "Upload File(s)" in the middle field.

Save data to Cloud: by search and selection

5. Click on the gray button "Add files" at the bottom. A new window will open, showing the files on the device.
6. Select the folder where the file is located.
7. Click on the file.
8. Click on "Open".
9. Back in the Cloud, the file will now be displayed. You can either add more "files" or click on the green button "Start upload".

Save data to Cloud: by drag-and-drop

5. Choose the desired file in another window.
6. Drag the file with the mouse cursor to "Drop files here".
7. The file will now be displayed in the Cloud.
8. Either drag more data into the field or:
9. Click on the green button "Start upload".

Depending on your preference, storing data in the cloud can be done using either the search or drag-and-drop approach. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Storing Data in the Cloud - What to Watch Out For

Here are some tips to safely store your data in the cloud:

  1. Different data protection regulations apply depending on the server location. If the servers are located in Germany, you will know the legal framework and regulations.
  2. Check the default settings of your account before you start storing data in the cloud. This way you can see who has access and change it if necessary.
  3. Reading the terms and conditions will inform you about how important data protection is to the cloud provider.
  4. By setting up zero-knowledge privacy, your data can only be viewed by you.
  5. Private cloud providers operate the infrastructure exclusively for the respective company and grant access to authorized persons only.
  6. Compliance with all requirements ensures GDPR conformity.

Storing Data in the Cloud - A Conclusion

In general, storing data in the cloud will replace familiar methods, as it is simple, fast, uncomplicated, and with the right provider, also secure.

Instead of losing a USB stick or hard drive, your data is safely stored and protected online in our data center. Thanks to storage according to German standards, you have the safest protection worldwide and can rely on copyright and privacy.

The real advantage, however, goes beyond just storing data in the cloud - as collaborative editing with your team is another benefit.

Instead of a mess of storage sticks, folders or documents, you can now work cleanly on a file via Team Share and securely store it with backups.

Collaboration can be designed worldwide. Processes can be developed at different locations and merged in the cloud.

Guest accounts can be set up without limit. And when storing data in the cloud, you won't encounter any maximum file sizes or bandwidth limitations.

Once online, the documents can be easily edited from any device. Intelligent corporate governance functions give you an overview and allow for changes and remote deletions if necessary.

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