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What is the safest way to share confidential files online?

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When we talk about or think about sharing confidential files, it is easy to assume that they are work documents or selfies that we don't want everyone to see. But the truth is that the type of files you want to share can vary significantly. Perhaps you just want to send a contract for your client to sign instead of sending it by post. In other cases, you may have a large attachment that you want to share with your partners. Or you simply want to share holiday pictures with your family and friends.

Do not use public links for sharing

Your first instinct might be to send your client a public link. The first assumption is that only the person you share the link with has access to the content. However, the link can be shared publicly by your client or even worse, go online in some way and be accessed by strangers. This also applies to the family holiday pictures that you only wanted to share with your cousin. You wouldn't want to share those pictures with the rest of the world, would you? Because, the internet never forgets!

The error is recognised by the fact that the whole world shares it

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Secure file transfer

The internet makes sharing content extremely easy. It has now reached the point where it is actually too easy. This is why companies are looking for solutions that allow you to store and share your confidential data online without having to worry about your privacy. When sharing sensitive content with one of your partners or colleagues, whether it's a picture or a confidential PDF file, proceed with caution. Try to choose a cloud solution or a file transfer service that provides you with tools to control it. You should know what happens to your files.

Share files online during projects

If you work in an office, chances are you probably deal with short- and long-term projects. Collaboration is key and we often see different departments working together on the same document. This allows you to work more productively and efficiently. For short-term projects, you may need to share sensitive documents with people outside their department or the company. For these temporary situations, using LeitzCloud secure sharing is the best way to protect your confidential documents. By creating a guest user, the person you are sharing content with must first log in before accessing the content. This way you can track downloads and uploads and set a link expiry date. You will always keep track of what is happening with your folder and have the option to un-share at any time.

Collaborate online with your team

To give your team constant access to documents and work together in the same folder, TeamShares are perfect for this. These folders seamlessly synchronise all content between your device and your team. TeamShares can be particularly useful when your team needs constant access to corporate resources. Handling confidential documents during long-term projects is also possible. As an administrator, you can choose which users are able to access certain folders and how they can access them. If you fear that your employees might take important documents home, you can also set them to have access only via the computer in the office. Regardless of the situation, you should be able to see what is happening with your sensitive documents, photos, videos or contracts. With the right tools, you can ensure that your documents remain secure and your family photos private.

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Share securely online - leitzcloud

leitzcloud has been optimised for smooth collaboration and sharing with external people. Click here for more information and how to share securely online.

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