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How we live sustainability at   nachhaltigkeit


More sustainability: Now!

We at leitzcloud have set ourselves the task of promoting digitization in Germany in a resource-friendly way.
Only together can we achieve the UN's 2030 emissions targets.
We join the Climate Goal 13: Take immediate action to combat climate change and its impacts!

How? Through sustainable IT.
You can learn here how exactly leitzcloud lives sustainability.

leitzcloud wald

Our leitzcloud forest

For every new customer we plant together with Tree Nation a tree in our forest.

Thanks to our partnership with Tree Nation, we offset our carbon footprint and make the world and the economy more sustainable.

Discover our forest

nachhaltiges büro

Our green leitzcloud office

At our company, office work is done purely digitally with the help of the cloud.

Thus, leitzcloud completely eliminates the use of paper.

All our employees drive electric cars. Products for the office, such as coffee, come from fair trade.

We support our employees to go through life in a climate-conscious manner, whether in business or in their private lives.

nachhaltige partnerschaften

Sustainable partnerships

We also pay attention to sustainability when choosing with our partnerships.

Maincubes, our data center in Frankfurt is powered exclusively by green electricity and uses sophisticated cooling systems.

Thus, it consumes 60 - 80% less energy than conventional data centers.
Maincubes is Ökoplus certified.

Our hardware is sustainable, we work with the company DELL, which specializes in sustainable servers.

delllogo main-cube develop climate award-tuev

ISO-Certificates of our data center

All of your data is stored in a multiple times ISO-certified data center, that adheres to strict quality and information security management rules. You benefit from:

ISO 27001:2017

ISO 9001:2015

ISAE 3402

The security systems of our data center are continuously tested to ensure the full protection of your data.

ISO Zertifikate
About Maincubes

nachhaltige Cloud-Lösung

Our mission:
We want to make companies more sustainable!

With the help of leitzcloud, you can digitize your business and make it more sustainable.
Do away with paper now and share documents securely with the leitzcloud.

Already with the abandonment of a page you save resources.
Your calendar and to-do lists are already digital? Go ahead and digitize your company!

eine welt

Social sustainability

Sustainability in social aspects are indispensable for a happy social coexistence.

That's why we think people who are socially engaged are great!
We support associations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations to digitally align their work by offering special discounts for them.

"We have chosen the leitzcloud, because our association is committed to people who, despite the welfare state, have fallen out of the system. We cannot consider sustainability as a separate concept, because climate change will affect people the most who are already socially disadvantaged. That's why it was crucial for us to use a cloud solution that consumes hardly any emissions and is powered by green electricity. We found this only at leitzcloud and we are thrilled."

aktivitaet ansehen

Mangement of a Nonprofit Organization (Berlin)

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