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How We Live Sustainability at

Sustainability in cloud computing plays an increasingly important role in our digital world. At leitzcloud, we live sustainability not only through digitalisation.
Learn how we at leitzcloud integrate sustainability into our everyday life and
and how we promote sustainability with our company.

Digitise Your Workspace

Work More Sustainably with leitzcloud

Use leitzcloud to digitise your everyday work, save paper and thus better protect the environment. Learn how you can effectively support sustainability with leitzcloud.

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Digital File Storage

No more chaos with file folders! Back up your data digitally, edit it in our integrated web editor and share it with others.

Scan - Directly to Your Cloud

Use the leitzcloud Scan App to scan and upload documents to your cloud and share them with others.

Save Paper

With leitzcloud you can easily share documents and files with users and guest users and edit them online.

Sustainable Data Centres

Your data is backed up exclusively on servers located in data centres operated with green electricity.

Reduce CO2 with Home Office

Save a trip to the office. With leitzcloud you can also do your work effectively by working from home.

Plant Your Own Tree

With every new leitzcloud order we plant a tree and you receive your personal tree certificate.

Discover our leitzcloud Forest!

Together with Treenation, we plant a tree for every incoming order to counter inflationary deforestation and contribute something for our earth! Help us:

Plant a tree

Follow the Treenation link, add your company name and logo and plant your own tree.

Receive your certificate

Once the tree has been planted, you can request a personalised certificate which you can download.

Paperless and Flexible Collaboration

Save paper by taking advantage of our free guest users and share documents from the cloud. Collaborate on documents from different locations and reduce the carbon footprint of business travel and other physical meetings.

Work paperless now!

Sustainably Remote Working with leitzcloud

Reduce paper consumption with the leitzcloud apps and access your documents from any device, anywhere.

    Less paper waste

   Direct upload of scans to your cloud with the LC Scan App

    Work efficiently from anywhere thanks to desktop and mobile apps

    Fast and convenient collaboration from all devices

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Our Green Data Centres

All of your data is stored in a multiple times ISO-certified data centres, which adhere to strict quality and information security management rules. You benefit from:

ISO 27001:2017

ISO 9001:2015

ISAE 3402

The security systems of our data centres are continuously tested to ensure the full protection of your data.

ISO Zertifikate
More about our data centres

Social Sustainability

Sustainability in social aspects is indispensable for a happy social coexistence. We support associations and non-profit organisations in making their work digital by offering them special discounts.

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