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Take the step into digitalisation with leitzcloud and make the organisation of your association as simple as possible.

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leitzcloud, the Specialised Platform

Store your member data in a DSGVO compliant way. Easily share files like documents, photos or videos with your members or work colleagues. Work together with the board on the same document. Always secure with leitzcloud!

Application Examples

Associations In Practice

This allows you to integrate the leitzcloud into your association & NPO


The kindergarten groups are divided into respective TeamShares.
Each child has its own sub-folder in which the teachers can exchange information with the parents.

Parents are given guest access to their child's folder so that pictures and formalities can be uploaded and downloaded at any time.

Group Butterfly

Kindergartengruppe TeamShare










Guest Accounts of Parents Eltern Eltern Eltern Eltern Eltern

Music Association

We have created users for the board, and members receive guest access.

As a music association, we upload event and information material as well as photo and video material to the cloud.
If we need more storage space, we can book it flexibly at any time.

  Veranstaltungen TeamShare Events   KonzertvideosTeamShare Concerts  
Digitalisierung in Ihrem Verein

Sports Association

The organisation of the associations is divided into 5 main folders: Images, Finances, Board, Player Data and Contracts.
Different access permissions give different people access to the respective folders depending on their area of responsibility.

During the high season, our associations usually needs more users and a higher storage capacity than in the low season - with the leitzcloud's flexible pricing model, we can always adjust this as needed.

.baller{transition:transform 250ms } .baller{ transform: translateY(-100); }

cloud storage gdpr compliantImages cloud storage gdpr compliantFinances cloud storage gdpr compliantBoard cloud storage gdpr compliantPlayer cloud storage gdpr compliantContracts

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Access Your Data from Anywhere

Sync Tool Fenster auf iOS Laptop

Use the leitzcloud anytime and anywhere - with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Flexible and Mobile

Access all files on the road and in the office - whether you are online or offline.

Unlimited Devices

Connect as many computers, tablets and mobile devices as you like to your cloud.

Current Synchronisation

All documents on your devices are always up to date.

User or Guest User? What is the difference?

Compare important features.

Guest User

Simultaneous Editing of Documents

Edit Offline

Use of the Sync Tool
Use of The Web-Interfaces

Use of The leitzcloud App
Use of The leitzcloud Scan App
End-to-End Encryption
Uploading, Downloading and Editing Files

Melden Sie sich bei uns! Vereine bekommen Rabatt auf unsere Cloud.

It gets even better!

As association or non-profit organisation, you can get discounts from us!

Digitalisation and sustainability at leitzcloud!

Many associations and non-profit organisations (NPOs) need help digitising their organisation. Digitising data is not only easy, but also sustainable, and we support you in this!

Here are a few reasons why you too should digitise your NPO - association:

Simple Collaboration

Access All data from Anywhere

Secure and Simple Data Exchange

Administration of access rights

More about Our Sustainability Initiative.

Digitalisierung in NPOs

See for yourself and try out the leitzcloud.

General Questions and Answers

Yes! In addition to associations, non-profit organisations also benefit from our special offers! Contact us to learn more!

In your customer portal, you can find your GCU under "Frequently searched" and sign it digitally in the document itself.

At leitzcloud you can pay by SEPA direct debit, credit card and PayPal. If you are not responsible for the bookkeeping and the invoices that arise, you can use your customer portal and add another "Contact" under "Account" to grant this contact access to the customer portal and thus to the invoices.

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