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Cloud Comparison 2021: Which Aspects You should Consider When Selecting a Cloud For Your Company

Reading time: 6 min | Amelie Gärtner & Natalie Hogh
12. April 2021

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What Is a Cloud?

A cloud is an online storage medium where data is stored on a physical server. These servers are provided by cloud providers. As a user, you can upload your data and documents to the cloud from a wide variety of devices via the Internet and access themregardless of location. The advantage of a cloud is the provided flexibility, allowing selected persons and groups to access the data. Not only when working from home does this prove to be particularly useful.. Cloud providers therefore offer various solutions for individual use, as documents can be newly created, edited or deleted. Enterprise customers can thus always keep their employees up to date and ensure effective collaboration, while also enjoying all-round protection for their data.

Tip: For private use, you can usually get small cloud storage amounts for free!

Features: What You Should Look Out For

There are various features when choosing a cloud provider. We have listed and explained the most important purchase criteria. Most cloud providers offer you even more features, which can be found on the respective websites.

The Big Cloud Comparisom

In the following, we will give you an overview of four well-known cloud storage solutions.

Features leitzcloud Tresorit HiDrive Dropbox Business
Security & Privacy
2-Step Verification
Data Protection Regulation




GDPR for companies in the EU
Windows- & Mac-Sync
Automatic Synchronization
Back - Up
Own Branding

(Advanced-Plan only)
Live Editing
Assign User Roles
Group Administration
Password Protection for Documents
Free Guest Users

(data sharing possible)

(data sharing possible)
Customer Support
Live - Chat

(Enterprise - Plan only)

(Enterprise - Plan only)
(depending on subscription and account type)
(depending on subscription and account type)

Tip: For many cloud providers, customer support varies according to the respective pricing model. If you value a varied and extensive customer support, you should definitely pay attention to this when choosing!

Which Cloud Is Right For My Business?

Every company has individual requirements and priorities, so it is difficult to give a universal answer to this question. If you are a small or medium-sized company that wants to get started with digitization, then it makes sense to choose a cloud provider that will support you in this task. leitzcloud is happy to help you implement and create a digitization plan.

Some cloud providers can facilitate the exchange of information in your company through the interaction of various communication tools, such as Slack. Here, your employees can exchange and consult via chat function within the cloud.

As you can see, there is a suitable cloud provider for different needs. Therefore, you should consider which features are essential before you buy.

Example: Offer Comparison & Price Calculation

Price plays a major role for every decision. In the world of cloud storage, however, it is relatively difficult to compare products based on price alone, as different factors such as the number of users, storage space and features are included in the price calculation. Nevertheless, we have prepared a small price example for you. Mr. Mayer has been given the responsibility of driving digitization forward in his company. The first thing he does is look at various cloud providers. He places particular emphasis on data protection and user-friendly operation , as not everyone in his family business is familiar with new technologies. Mr. Mayer compares offers for 6 users with at least 1 TB of storage. For the time being, he decides on monthly billing in order to have enough time to test the cloud.

Tip: Many providers offer savings when you choose annual billing. In addition, some providers have special offers for non-profit organizations.

dropbox logo


For DropBox, Mr. Mayer can choose between two price plans.

Standard-Plan Advanced-Plan
72€ (12€ per user) 108€ (18€ per user)
5TB storage Unlimited storage & additional functions

To ensure a higher level of data protection, an extra encryption from Boxcryptor can be additionally purchased.

hidrive logo


Bei diesem Anbieter kommt für Herrn Mayer nur ein Preisplan infrage.

40€ plus 10€ setup fee
3TB storage for up to 10 users

HiDrive is the cheapest provider in our comparison, however, Mr. Mayer cannot edit documents in the cloud itself.

tresorit logo


Auch bei Tresorit kann sich Herr Mayer zwischen zwei Preisplänen entscheiden.

Standard-Plan Plus-Plan
72€ (12€ per user) 96€ (16€ per user)
1 TB storage per user 2 TB Speicher per user

The Plus-Plan also provides Mr. Mayer with additional features such as customized branding and telephone support by appointment. Tresorit also does not allow Mr. Mayer and his team to edit documents in the cloud.

leitzcloud logo


leitzcloud allows Mr. Mayer to define the number of users and the amount of storage space himself.

Basic-Plan for 6 users
1 TB storage

The individual pricing is unique in our list. Mr. Mayer always has access to the full range of functions and customer support. In addition, he can create and edit documents in the cloud. Mr. Mayer compares the results and eventually decides on leitzcloud.

Alternative: Private Cloud

An alternative to a public cloud are the so-called private clouds. Here, as the name suggests, no third party has access to your data. Thus, these clouds offer a particularly high level of data protection..

A private cloud is hosted on in-house servers and its installation requires a high level of IT knowledge. However, this also allows you to scale and customize storage and users infinitely. A major disadvantage with a private cloud is that you can't call on external customer support and you are responsible for the maintenance yourself. Some cloud providers also support you in setting up a private cloud.

server mit kabeln

If you are looking for a support partner to set up a private cloud with you and help you with implementation and maintenance,
feel free to contact our support team.

Our Recommendation

As you can see, choosing a cloud provider is not always easy, since features often intersect.

If you are looking for a solution that simplifies collaboration and communication in your company, then we clearly recommend leitzcloud. The combination of our best features allows you to work in a more efficient and relaxed way:

Live Editing in the Cloud: Save yourself time and eliminate the need for time-consuming document exchange - with leitzcloud you are directly up to date and without the need for an Office license!

Top Customer Support: In the event of problems and questions, we will help you within the shortest possible time. Read leitzcloud reviews here and learn what our customers say about us.

Individual Pricing: Do your needs change? Don't worry, you can vary and adjust your cloud storage within seconds.

High Data Protection According to GDPR: Trust our awards and certificates!

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