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Our new Sync Tool: The leitzcloud SafeSync

Sync Tool Fenster auf iOS Laptop

Download the SafeSync for Windows and use less local storage.

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All Advantages of the SafeSync

Mit SafeSync verbrauchen Sie lokal weniger Speicherplatz

Flexible Adjustable

Use the SafeSync to choose which folders and data should be locally saved on your laptop. Only one click away.

safesync zeigt Ihre vollstädnige Orderstruktur an

Maintain Full Control

See you entire file structure locally. Files, which are only available online, are indicated with a small cloud symbol.

safesync hat End-zu-End-Verschlüsselung

Encrypted and Secure

To make it even more secure, the SafeSync saves only 1 GB of cache and is thereby end-to-end encrypted.

SafeSync and Windows -
The Perfect Team

The SafeSync is exclusively available for Windows users: You can download the SafeSync via the "Download Apps" button in your webcloud.

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safe sync concurrently only available for windows

SafeSync and Sync-Tool

Our known and reliable Windows-Client is also still available for you to use.
If you download the normal Sync-Tool, your entire file structure will be locally saved on your computer.
That way, you can access your data even offline and edit them.

More about the Sync-Tool

the leitzcloud Sync-Tool

Access your data from anywhere!

Guide: Sync-Tool or SafeSync?

You are undecided whether to download the SafeSync or the Sync-Tool? Both Clients are securely encrypted and help you to increase your productivity and collaboration in your company.

Find out which Sync-Client is the right one for you:

Download the Sync-Tool if the following apply:

Your computer has issues with heavy progammes

You mainly work with larges files

You want to connect a file or NAS server

You want to use the backup function

Download the SafeSync if the following apply:

Your computer has little local storage

You want to also locally encrypt your files

You want to save only specific files locally

Backups and file server enablement possible


Still not sure which Sync-Tool is the best suitable for you?

How To Use the SafeSync

Work flexibly and securely with the SafeSync.
In our video, the SafeSync has been renamed "Schmidt" via the Branding function; if you do not want to use this function, your SafeSync is simply called "leitzcloud".


If you have already installed our Sync-Tool, you will need to uninstall this one first. Disconnect your account from your Sync-Tool. Uninstall it now and delete your Sync Folder from your computer as the last step.


You can download the SafeSync via your webcloud. Go to "Download Apps", choose the SafeSync-Client and run the installation.



As soon as the SafeSync-Client is installed, you will have to register with the login credentials of your cloud.
Now the SafeSync can synchronise the data in your cloud.


Work Locally

You can now click on a file, which will be opened and downloaded. You can edit this file now locally on your computer. Any changes will be synchronised with your cloud.


Work Offline

If you permanently save a file locally, you can also access it offline. In order to do that, simply pin a file. As soon as the file is available offline, it will have a green tick next to it.


View Folder Structure

With the SafeSync you can overview the entire folder structure and flexibly pin and delete folders and documents. This way, you can always save those files locally that you currently need.

What Do the Different Symbols Stand For?

File available offline

File Is Available Offline

The file has been entirely downloaded, pinned, and synchronised with the server. You can now edit the file even offline.

data is only available in the cloud

File Is Only Available Online

The file has not been downloaded and is only available via the cloud.
You cannot edit the file offline.

file is downloaded but not pinned

File Exists in Cache

The files has been downloaded, but it is not pinned and not synchronised with the server. You cannot edit the file offline.

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