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leitzcloud and Dracoon in Comparison

Are you looking for a secure, reliable and user-friendly cloud solution to store and share your data?

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Some Functions of the leitzcloud

Synchronisation in Real Time

Protection against Ransomware

Working Offline with the Sync Tool

Personal Customer Support

Back-Up & Versioning

Edit Documents Together Online

Your Cloud Alternatives at a Glance

Compare important features of the cloud solutions.

Server location in Germany

Monthly from 8,80 euros per user
Prices only possible on request
Two-factor authentication

Unlimited free guest users

Unlimited file size
Limited to 60 GB for client-side encryption
Flexible up- or downgrade
Cancellable monthly
Telephone, chat support and free demonstration

As at: September 2023. We do not assume any liability for the correctness, topicality and completeness of the contents provided.
Please contact us if any information has been updated in the meantime.

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made in germany

Made in Germany

German quality is more in demand than ever, even when using cloud solutions. This is partly due to the fact that Germany has stricter data protection laws. Simply sign the data processing agreement (DPA) conveniently in your customer portal.

upload datei

Upload Large Files

You can also easily upload very large files to the leitzcloud. The drag & drop function simplifies the upload process. Upload files of unlimited size with leitzcloud. Our cloud is therefore also perfect for graphic designers and architects.

nachhaltige Cloud-Lösung

Sustainable Cloud Solution

With the help of leitzcloud, you can digitalise your business and make it more sustainable. Our data centre is powered exclusively by green electricity and uses sophisticated cooling systems. This means we consume 60-80% less energy than conventional data centres.

leitzcloud - Germany's Safest Cloud Storage

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

All transferred data in your cloud is encrypted. The files can only be decrypted by the specific recipient. With our SafeSync, your data is also encrypted locally.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your cloud and set up two-factor authentication for your employees. Receive a message via SMS or an authenticator app.


In the leitzcloud, you work in a GDPR-compliant manner. Simply sign our Data Processing Agreement conveniently online in the customer portal. This way you are quickly on the safe side.

Remote Deletion

After theft, loss or simply to disconnect a device from the cloud, perform a remote wipe and remove all synchronised data.

Cloud für Start-Ups

Are you a founder and develop innovative ideas?

For more efficiency, you should definitely integrate leitzcloud in your company!
And the best part? There are discounts for start-ups!

leitzcloud for start-ups

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