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With leitzcloud, you can simply accommodate your Cloud to the needs of your Start-Up. Manage and scale the desired amount of users and storage up and down independently from each other. In this way, leitzcloud is perfectly adjustable and can adapt to your individial growth as a company.

easily scalable

flexibly adjustable

Upgrading with yearly payment? While saving some money, you also do not miss out on the flexibility of leitzcloud! Even paying yearly, you can still adapt your storage and user amounts to your company's requirements.


Your Data Always Accessible

The best ideas don't always come to us when we're in the office - with leitzcloud you can access and edit your documents, files, and presentations via your phone or tablet from wherever you are.

Mobile Apps

Download our leitzcloud Apps and allow yourself flexible access to all leitzcloud functions - at all times. Contribute your ideas and convince potential business partners from anywhere!

Offline Available

No Wi-Fi? With leitzcloud, you can access to your data even without internet connection. Edit your documents and your Cloud synchronises the changes as soon as a Wi-Fi connection becomes available.

download our leitzcloud app for your iphone or android phone and as sync client for your laptop

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