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"The provider for your own IT infrastructure"

As a strong IT partner, vBoxx supports leitzcloud with expert knowledge and takes care of the technical support.

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Cloud Experts

As the provider of the vBoxxCloud, with server locations in the Netherlands, vBoxx has extensive experience in cloud computing.

Server Hosting

vBoxx offers server hosting in the Netherlands and supports and maintains the leitzcloud servers in German data centres.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

vBoxx offers its customers comprehensive IT solutions in the areas of web hosting, e-mail, dedicated servers and cloud for every company.


"Europe's Most Secure Data Centres"

Maincubes operates the most modern data centres, which ensure the security of the data through latest technologies.

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By using certified green electricity and efficient technologies, we create an ideal solution for your data and our future.


Together with us, you can rely on the sustainable use of energy and optimum efficiency. As a customer in our data centres, you conserve resources.


We connect your IT securely to the internet - thanks to our secureexchange®. We convince with maximum technical and operational security.


"Extra Security for Your Cloud"

Cryptomator offers additional end-to-end encryption for all individuals, teams and businesses that store their data in the cloud.
Only you have the key. Convince yourself now!

Cryptomator Cryptomator Hub

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End-to-End Encryption

You have full control over your data. Cryptomator encrypts your data directly on your device before it is transferred to your cloud provider.


Work as usual with your encrypted files in the Cryptomator drive: Simply open, edit, save and you're done.

Protection for Your Data

Our end-to-end encryption gives you full control over your corporate cloud.
The key is and remains with you.

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