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More Security and Control:
The Private Cloud

You don't share your resources, you have direct control over your cloud environment, which is isolated from other organisations

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Why a private cloud?

Safety is our top priority - for you too?

Our encrypted cloud storage is kept in secure and certified data centres
in Germany.

Private Infrastructure

Completely separate and dedicated private infrastructure.

24/7 IT Monitoring

Our data centre meets the highest security standards and is monitored 24/7.

Maximum Safety

We protect your data in accordance with the GDPR - the strictest data protection law in the world.

verschluesselter cloud speicher

Private Cloud Solution

What advantages do you benefit from?

Incremental and Full Backups

All new and changed data is backed up since the last arbitrary backup. All files stored on the system are backed up.

White Label incl. your own URL

With a private cloud, your own branding is included. In addition, you get your own URL.

Protection Against Ransomware

The leitzcloud offers functions that allow you to restore damaged or deleted data to a desired state after a ransomware attack. Thanks to an inclusive ransomware protection.

Off-Site Data Protection

Your data is stored geo-redundantly in several data centres in different locations.
This way your data remains protected no matter what.

The following functions are included:

You can work together on documents in the Team Shares. With leitzcloud, you benefit from different role authorisations and individual user management.

Fast, smooth working in real time: the leitzcloud neither limits the file size when uploading nor throttles the bandwidth. Upload and access files of any size and without delays.

You work on a project basis and want to share sensitive data? Share data with external partners or customers via secure sharing and create an unlimited number of guest users.

Automated reports, statistics and logs can be used to control and record all activities in the cloud. Define which activities you want to receive notifications for.

Manage all devices that have access to the cloud. Check synchronisation status, perform remote wipes after theft or loss and disconnect devices from the cloud.

Work on documents, Excel files and presentations at any time with the Web Editor. Work efficiently in the same document - with whomever and whenever you want.

Further Connection Options

Integrate the leitzcloud into your daily work.


Synchronise your files through the WebDAV protocol with your cloud. This gives you access to your directories without saving data locally. No need to install the Sync Tool.


Are you currently working with your own NAS server? Connect it to the leitzcloud to use your data outside the office and start exchanging with external partners.

Outlook Plugin

Connect the Outlook Plugin to share large file formats with guest users or other people right from your email. This way you can share (large) files easier and faster!

Securely protected according to German standards

Safety management Made in Germany

Find out here which security standards we use to protect your data.

Data protection according to GDPR

We protect your data in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation.

Our servers are located in German data centres.
SSL and TLS encryption for communication with the servers.
AES-256-bit encryption for storage and all data transfers.
Two-Factor Authentication.
Your data is stored according to German GDPR standards.
We do not share your data with third parties.

More on data protection and security

Datenschutz nach DSGVO

Data protection without compromise - with leitzcloud

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